Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Help

Placing an order with Rosenberger Site Solutions, LLC

Register for a new Rosenberger website account- I have never ever purchased from Rosenberger before. I am a new customer to Rosenberger

  1. Click the Login link on the right, near the top of the screen.
  2. Click the New User Registration link on the Login page.
  3. Fill in all the information and press the Submit and Continue button.
  4. You account is now set up and you are signed in.

Register with an existing Rosenberger website account- I have purchased from Rosenberger before, not via website.

  1. Enter your Company Name, Name, and e-mail address on the login page, click submit.
  2. Rosenberger will contact you within 24 hrs. Providing you with your existing (open) account login information to access the website. This will be a temporary login to access your account, you will be required to change your password once your enter the site.
  3. DO NOT register if you are already a customer of Rosenberger Site Solutions, LLC.

Shop and Add Products

  1. Browse our website and when you want to view a product click the product.
  2. Enter the quantity you wish to purchase in the Quantity Box and hit the Add to Cart button.
  3. The product will show up in the Shopping Cart box in the upper left column.
  4. Continue to shop until you have added all the products you desire to your cart.


  1. Once you have added all the products that you wish to purchase to your cart, simply hit the "view cart" button.
  2. On the next screen confirm that your cart contains all the products you wish to purchase and press "proceed with checkout."
  3. On the next screen confirm that your delivery address is correct and press and check the Terms and Conditions box. FOR UNITED STATES ORDERS: Use a 5-digit standard US Postal Service Zip Code. DO NOT use the 4 digit extension.
  4. Next choose your preferred method of shipment from the options available and note any special instructions.
  5. Lastly choose your preferred method of payment. "Credit Card" - "Purchase Order".
  6. Press “continue with checkout”.

Payment Types

Purchase Order

  1. If you have an established account with Rosenberger Site Solutions, LLC, the order will be charged to your account. We ask that you DO NOT send in the printed order form. Keep the printed form for your records and pay the balance due after receiving your order.

Credit Card

  1. Enter your card number (with NO SPACES) in the "number" box, listed under payment information.
  2. Select the expiration date on your card from the drop down selection.
  3. Enter card name as it is presented on the card.
  4. Check that the information is correct and press "Continue with Checkout" Please do not press this button more than once or hit the back button on your browser!

Note: You will contacted at time of shipment for your security code. Rosenberger Site Solutions, LLC does not keep credit card information on file.