Website Tips

Advantages of Logging in

  • Special discounted pricing
  • Current Inventory Status
  • 24/7 Quoting and Saving of Quotes
  • Viewing Favorites
  • Product Spec Sheets
  • Brochure Downloads

Quoting Online

  • Log In
  • “Request a Quote” button to start your Online Quoting
  • Choose your items and add to cart
  • Proceed with Quote Request
  • Fill out the Shipping/Payment
  • Continue with Quote Request
  • Verify everything is correct on Quote
  • Submit Quote Request
  • Your Quote number will be provided along with your Quoted information
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail provided

Retrieving a Quote

  • Log in
  • Click “History/Tracking” tab at the top of the page
  • You can choose to enter date, Quote Number or PO Number 
    (If you do not have any of the above just click Search and your entire history will appear.)
  • Select the Quote you would like to View, Edit, or submit as an Order

Adding to My Favorites

  • Log in
  • Select the items you most want to view/quote/order
  • Click “Add to Favorite” button next to the items
  • To retrieve these items click “My Favorites” tab at the top of the screen
  • Under your favorites list you may edit your favorites or add to cart